Introducing OnRule ...

Margin and Cost Intelligence

In times of fierce competition, pressure on margins, and lower growth, Identifying opportunities to improve the way you do business is critical in order to satisfy your clients, shareholders, and employees.Our Margin and Cost Improvement solution assesses both the revenue and cost sides of the profit equation to identify margin leakages and realize margin improvement opportunities.

Turnkey Product Development

Rapid technological change can be both a blessing and a curse. Investors and firms of all sizes hope to reap the rewards that may arise from the apparent convergence of the computer, telecommunications, and entertainment industries. With the high level of uncertainty...

Vavni Cloud Products

From product development to Order Management to Sales to Fulfillment to Finance, Vavni’s Product Regulatory Compliance software provides much-needed visibility for the status of regulatory compliance – either it is a new product or existing product, for all countries where the product is sold, and for different compliances ranging from product safety to EMC to Radio to TELCO to Environmental. The software is designed to initiate and track progress of a collaborative compliance process.


  • A challenge always calls for our best, we take every new opportunity as a way to improve our service and to give our clients the best of our teams.

    Sudeep Sharma

  • " The future is so bright, we are going to need to wear shades! Experiencing challenges that make us create better products and designs becomes the best part of our job"

    Tom Killam

  • " Everything we build we do puting our clients first, our products not only respond to our clients needs but they are smart in providing the most efficient and better way to reach our clients needs"

    Priscilla Soares

  • " Being in the mechanical engineering area gives me the opportunity to understand its not all about a design but making our products give limitless possibilities"

    Ron Davis